About us

Tommy Haas Tennis Academy was the first academy of its kind. Started in the year 2000, it boasts of producing the world’s best tennis players. Other than tennis, it also coaches students on games such as badminton, golf, and indoor games. The founder, Tom Haas, is a world-renowned tennis player of his time, having retired from active playing a year before the birth of his academy. He has a long history of success in other games as well, such as horse racing and golf.

Tom Haas grew up as the first child in a family of five in Canada. His father was a member of the country’s most influential football league, which encouraged him to explore sports as a career too. He wanted to soar higher, to heights that his father was not able to reach, with a particular concern for the gifted and talented children. This, however, was after a long battle with stigma, discrimination, and depression.

Mr. Haas had a hard time in school since he was not a good performer, academically. He was well built, quite handsome, but could not grasp much in class. His siblings were so brilliant that he became the laughing stock among his friends and the shame of his family. He suffered depression for quite some time and contemplated suicide twice as a teenager. His low self-esteem and negative peer pressure pushed him into drug abuse, and he consequently dropped out of high school. After prolonged guidance and counseling at one of the best rehabilitation centers in Canada, he finally chose to get his life back on track.

He chose to go back to school and complete his high school education while blocking out negative remarks from discouragers. His last two years in high school were full of non-academic success, as he realized his potential and achieved one milestone after the other. He used his physique to his advantage and played several sports games. Through his desire to succeed, he scored goals and

made remarkable achievements in Canada and beyond. These placed his school on the map, reduced the ridicule he faced, and lifted his self-esteem too.

His most favorite sports were horse racing, golf, table tennis, and swimming. He continued to win big, even outside the high school and played for national teams. His success as a sportsman changed his attitude and perspective towards life, and so he decided to impact the lives of people going through similar experiences.

That’s how he ended up starting a sports academy intending to help children and the youth who have unique gifts and talents in sports. His main targets were those who faced difficulty in academics but excelled in sports. Tommy Haas Sports Academy has constituent academies that are located in different cities in Canada. There is the Tommy Haas Tennis Academy in Ottawa, Tommy Haas Football Academy in Calgary, Tommy Haas Water Sports Academy in Vancouver, and Tommy Haas Racing Academy Toronto.

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