The story of Tommy Haas

Tommy Haas started playing tennis with his father Peter Haas at the age of 3 and was supported and supported him at a young age. When Tommy was 12 years old, the course was set for professional tennis.

Tommy Haas and his father and a select truss staff have made their way to the top of the world through focused planning and intensive training.

The book ‘Advantage Haas’

In ‘Advantage Haas’ have Tommy and his father tried to explain the reasons for his success. Here is a detailed description of Tommy’s career development. Based on this view, it is acknowledged that no hocus-pocus was used, but a planned procedure is important for success.

The book contains tips and advice for people who might dream of a professional career. Just like Tommy always did. And there is also an interesting insight into the mechanisms of the tennis circus. Boris Becker’s foreword comes the way.

His father ‘Peter Haas’

Trained as a wholesaler and journalist, he has a long training as a tennis trainer, characterized the following qualifications:

  • Certified tennis teacher (Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen)
  • Austrian license for tennis coaching (University of Vienna)
  • Assistant to T. Wright (Forest Hills New York, USA)
  • Courses with Harry Hopmann (Florida, USA)
  • Demonstration lesson with Nick Bollettieri

His career as a tennis player is also characterized the following special achievements:

  • former player of the Austrian Bundesliga
  • Winner of various national tournaments
  • multiple state champion and Norddeitscher champion
  • German vice champion (boys)
  • European Championship 5th place (boys)
  • Former top ten in Germany

His performance as a coach is underlined considerable successes achieved his students:

  • countless national German championships
  • international German champions
  • Europe Master
  • world champion

Peter Haas was also a base coach in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, as well as coach of many regional competition teams men and women in northern Germany. Since a few years he also takes care of the ladies team of the TC Neufahrn.