Tommy Haas Sports Academies

Tommy Haas Tennis Academy

Located in Ottawa, this tennis academy has been producing the best tennis players in the world consecutively since its foundation. Some of the world’s best players like Giffing Brats and Lindah Lindsey are products of the academy. Due to the high demand, admission into the academy is strictly based on excellence. We only take the best players from across the globe, and our policies are purely professional. We train both male and female students, ages 12 to 30.

Tommy Haas Football Academy

Football is a top-rated game in North and South America, as well as Europe. That’s why this football academy, based in Calgary, is one of the preferred destinations for sportspeople who intend to pursue football as a profession. The only requirement is excellent performance in football, alongside primary education. The academy admits not less than 1000 students every year, making it the world’s leading football academy. The football academy admits students in two categories. There are those on scholarship and others on an application basis. Both male and female students are admitted between the ages of 12 and 30.

Tommy Haas Water Sports Academy

Being that water bodies mostly cover Canada, this academy is very instrumental to the country. Water sports, such as boat racing, fishing, and extreme sports such as skiing, are covered at the academy, located in Vancouver. The selection process is very rigorous, owing to the dangerous nature of water sports. There are different categories based on the level of risk involved. For most of the games, a student must pass established risk tests before being able to participate. Other than that, there are physical and health requirements that must be met as well.

Tommy Haas Racing Academy

Horse racing and motor racing are favorite sports for lovers of speed. The racing academy deals with every kind of sport that involves speed, from car racing to bike racing, to cycling, among others. It is located in Toronto, with great racing tracks for practice. There are no junior categories for extreme racing sports, and female participants also get restricted to specific races. Horse racing is very common, because of its popularity in casino betting. The best racers from the national racing competition get automatic entry into the academy’s team of professionals.