Tommy Haas Sports Academies

Tommy Haas Tennis Academy Located in Ottawa, this tennis academy has been producing the best tennis players in the world consecutively since its foundation. Some of the world’s best players like Giffing Brats and Lindah Lindsey are products of the academy. Due to the high demand, admission into the academy is strictly based on excellence. […]

Tommy Haas Sports Scholarships

Tommy Haas offers different scholarships for various categories, to enable students who can’t afford to pay for their training, to enjoy the privileges. For a student to qualify for any scholarship, some requirements must be met. Junior Stars Scholarship Award This scholarship is available in all the four academies and applies to players below 13 […]

The story of Tommy Haas

Tommy Haas started playing tennis with his father Peter Haas at the age of 3 and was supported and supported him at a young age. When Tommy was 12 years old, the course was set for professional tennis. Tommy Haas and his father and a select truss staff have made their way to the […]